Stonelith, another exclusive Casabath product since 2009, is composed largely of quartz and granite. It is extremely hard and compact with a superior surface resistance. In the post-molding phase, the slabs are ground to a work center and brushed with water. Stonelith is currently available in eight different colors and four different textures, with which tops, shelves and tops with integrated washbasin.

Constantly tests are carried out on specimens of material sent to the CATAS Laboratory Research and Testing Center, which certifies the quality.

Like the Monolith, also the Stonelith is a uniform compound in all its thickness, it does not have the external surface different from the inside like the products in Gelcoat (MineralMarble), recently re-proposed with different names by the various producers.

Being homogeneous throughout its thickness, it is possible to restore tops, basins, washbasins or shower trays that have suffered damage such as deep scratches and chipping or bring them back to their original appearance even years later.

The maintenance of the items in Stonelith is simple: it’s only necessary to have the foresight to always dry tops and washbasins to prevent the stagnant water from forming limestone halos, that anyway is not able to attack it.




Stonelith finiture



Bianco PR100

Londra PR238

Seta PR119

Nube PR240

Perla PR121

Arenaria PR300

Ecrù PR200

Vulcano PR315



Stonelith finiture



Bianco PT100

Londra PT238

Seta PT119

Nube PT240

Perla PT121

Arenaria PT300

Ecrù PT200

Vulcano PT315



Stonelith finiture

Quarzo fiammato


Bianco QF100

Londra QF238

Seta QF119

Nube QF240

Perla QF121

Arenaria QF300

Ecrù QF200

Vulcano QF315



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