Luce in the bathroom

November 2021

Luce is the new freestanding washbasin proposed by Casabath. The washbasin integrates highly scenic LED lighting that gives the bathroom a more intimate and introspective atmosphere.
Luce is available with a smooth or ribbed aluminum base and the Monolith washbasin.
The base is always painted in any of the opaque or metallic colors of the sample color collection.
The washbasin is currently available in white Monolith, also available with a painted external surface. Its dimensions are Ø48 H87 cm.



XS Color

October 2021

XS Color paves the way for an open-pore finish, made with water-based paints. 55 colors, 13 of which brand new, all with one common feature: an organic soul in full compliance with the safeguarding of environmental balances. Paints without formaldehyde, with very low solvent content and indoor emissions for a healthier home.
It is an ethical choice, decided by Casabath, to give its contribution to sustainable development and a cleaner world.
XS Color is made of solid oak with three layers, the fronts of the drawers have an aluminum profile in the upper part with a handle function. Each composition includes two finishing sides of 22mm of thickness each, with the same striped texture as the fronts.
XS Color represents a way of furnishing the bathroom being inspired by a modern and colorful style, always characterized by a high-level design and quality.
The XS Color collection catalogue will also be available in a few days.




October 2021

The catalogue of the XS collection is being distributed in our stores, a digital preview can be browsed in the catalogues section of the site.
The XS collection stands out for the texture engraved in the solid wood of the front of the sides and drawers. The feeling transmitted is that of a modern, high-level collection, where the attention to detail and the pleasure of working a material as beautiful as wood shines through. The collection is offered in Canaletto Walnut and Oak. The Canaletto Walnut version is available in three warm shades that enhance the beauty of the veins. The Oak version is available in the 13 different shades of the sample, from the more natural and warm ones to the darker ones that lend themselves to more modern solutions.
The program includes a version with push-pull opening and one with a groove. In this case, the upper part of the drawer has an aluminium finishing profile painted in any color from the sample book.




September 2021

Tangram is the new shelf in solid Oak to be used in combination with countertop washbasins but not only.
The shelf is characterised by a decisive chamfer on the edges that make it visually lighter than the other models in the catalogue.
The top is also composed of “tesserae” of different sizes perfectly assembled together, a detail that accentuates the various grains of Oak.
Tangram is available in brushed Oak in all the shades in the sample book, as well as in the Wild-Wood version, characterised by the presence of small knots, and in the dedicated shades Old Wild Brown and Old Wild Grey.



POR FESR Toscana 2021


Casabath participates in the operation/project financed in the context of the POR FESR Toscana to promote its products on the international market, in collaboration with the European Union, the Italian Republic and the Region of Tuscany.



Marte, new top with integrated basin

March 2021

A new washbasin adds to the long list of our Monolith products.
MARTE is a top with integrated basin designed specifically for small and medium-sized solutions, produced in white or colored Monolith. It has a large round bowl Ø 40 cm and for this reason the mixer on the top can only be installed in an off-center position.
MARTE is available only in depth 53 cm.



The range of marbles expands

February 2021

Travertino Titanium is the new marble that is added to the range proposed by Casabath, bringing the varieties to 11.
The marble is of Iranian and Turkish origins and is characterized by streaks ranging from white to the most intense brown and by the presence of cavities sealed with resin in tone. Each slab undergoes a process that accentuates the different hardness of the areas of various shades, giving the surface a highly material aesthetic.



2021 advertising campaign

January 2021

The new press campaign started in January. The pages published in the most important magazines in the sector will, as usual, focus on the product with essential graphics.
The protagonists of this early campaign will be the AIR series and the latest arrival XS.



Artex the sanitary ware of Casabath

February 2021

The new sanitary fixtures in matt white porcelain are the perfect solution to combine with the Monolith washbasins, tops, bathtubs and shower trays produced by Casabath.
The bathroom fixtures have a simple and functional design to integrate into any environment from the most modern to the most classic.
For a perfect match, a new shade of white Monolith has been developed perfectly in line with the white of the ceramic.



More new materials

December 2020

A few weeks after the release of Solid Granite, Velvet Stone arrives, a new solid surface.
The main component of this new product consists of quartz fillers with a resin percentage that does not exceed 23%. The uniform appearance, the pleasant surface to the touch and that it is available in the same basic shade as the lacquers of the Casabath collection make it a material that can be easily combined with all collections.

The offer of marble also expands with the arrival of the Arabescato Cervaiole and the Verde Mediterraneo.



XS preview of the new collection


It takes its cue from the XL collection, already in the catalog for some years, with a more subtle texture that characterizes the sides and fronts of furniture and containers.
XS will include, as usual, all the modules for washbasin cabinets and containers and will be available also in the Walnut version, in the three shades provided by the samples as well as in the Oak versions. The new Walnut version is made with three-layer panels with the external parts in 4mm thick solid wood and an internal layer in Birch plywood to ensure perfect structural stability over the years.



Trend shower walls

September 2020

The Trend shower wall system is available from this month.
The first two versions marketed are the full-height ones, from floor to ceiling, in the all-glass variant and in the one with a glass module combined with a double-sided module covered in different materials. The internal side of the shower is always in glossy painted glass, while the external side can be finished in lacquered wood or in various essences, in satin or glossy painted glass or natural, smoked or bronze mirror.
The structure is always in aluminum painted in any color from the samples and the 8 mm thick glass is always tempered.



Wardrobe, Wall system...

October 2020

In the next few days, the list of cabinets will be available in the various versions. In addition to the version, with more traditional dimensions, available with five door models in 7 versions, there is also a version with a more minimalist aesthetic that provides a type of smooth door with open details or modules with aluminum and glass door. These two versions are available not only in standard dimensions but also on request to satisfy every need, without requiring price increases for tailor-made work.
To these are also added two models of dividing columns and corner columns.
A common feature for all is the 25mm thick multilayer structure in lacquered or wood finish.
With these proposals, Casabath continues with the concept of bathroom-living room, for ideal continuity with the rest of the house.



Solid Granite a new Casabath product

September 2020

The continuous aesthetic research and an experience of over 25 years in the world of solid-surface that characterizes are the basis of this new exclusive Casabath product, a new solid-surface in the mass, homogeneous throughout the thickness, inside which there are fillers of spherical granite of different grain sizes and a percentage of resin not exceeding 20%. Compared to Stonelith, which has high hardness qualities, it is even more performing with a higher surface hardness.
The surface is finished by brushing and the result is pleasant to the touch and slightly irregular.
Solid Granite has been designed to be made in the same shades as the lacquers of the Casabath sample for a targeted combination with the furniture of our production and is therefore available in the basic shades of all the colors of the sample.



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