XS Color paves the way for an open-pore finish, made with water-based paints. 55 colors, 13 of which brand new, all with one common feature: an organic soul in full compliance with the safeguarding of environmental balances. Paints without formaldehyde, with very low solvent content and indoor emissions for a healthier home.
It is an ethical choice, decided by Casabath, to give its contribution to sustainable development and a cleaner world.
XS Color is made of solid oak with three layers, the fronts of the drawers have an aluminum profile in the upper part with a handle function. Each composition includes two finishing sides of 22mm of thickness each, with the same striped texture as the fronts.
XS Color represents a way of furnishing the bathroom being inspired by a modern and colorful style, always characterized by a high-level design and quality




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