After the Porphyry and Concrete finishes, Stonelith now looks like split stone: the so-called Stone effect. A material that feels lively to the touch, pleasantly rough and that looks real. Available in 8 colours, it is used to make 10cm high shelves and bathroom countertops.

Max length: 225 cm
Depth of shelf: 47 cm
Depth of countertop 37 - 47 cm

Touchy-feely surfaces

Another one of Casabath’s exclusive products is Stonelith, largely composed of quartz and granite. It looks extremely hard and compact, with superior surface strength. Once moulded, the slabs are ground by a workstation and water-brushed. Stonelith has been one of Casabath’s exclusive products for over 7 years; it is currently available in a concrete or stone finish.
The entire production process for our Stonelith tops takes place in our plants, from the mixing of the raw materials to the moulding and finishing.
This means that we can consistently monitor the quality of our products, which is a great advantage for the buyer as well.
This also pushes us to experiment all the time, as proven by Casabath’s exclusive concrete-finish Stonelith tops, which set a new aesthetic benchmark in bathroom decoration.
The stone-finish Stonelith tops are available in 7 standard colours, while the concrete-finish tops are available in 4 standard colours.

Stonelith surfaces feel like the original material they are largely made of. The texture is even and feels nice. Stonelith adds personality to tops and backs and feels nice when used.
The concrete-finish style faithfully reproduces the surface look of concrete architectural and structural features, with the help of wooden frameworks and the best traditional builder’s carpentry techniques. The final effect is a powerful emotional impact, partly due to the unique texture of Stonelith which contains a high proportion of quartz.

Concrete-finish Stonelith:
a trendy surface

In addition to such standard colours, our stone- or concrete-finish Stonelith tops can also be made in the customer’s colour of choice, subject to feasibility.
Our stone-finish tops are available as finishing tops for stands or mixed wood/Stonelith shelves, as bowls, or in one washstand style for deeply-recessed solutions.
Our concrete-finish Stonelith tops are available as concrete-finish Stonelith tops and all-Stonelith shelves, both to be matched with the bowls.
Our stone- or concrete-finish tops, unlike the Monolith tops, cannot be welded to extend their standard length.




Cure and maintenance



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