It is a new way of looking at bathroom decoration. The option to ‘decorate’ a part of the walls in Monolith, near a wall basin, a countertop basin, or any other kind of cabinet, creates a sort of functional square / island that can be matched with any wall finish or treatment, for unique contrasts and combinations.


The pioneer’s experience

In 1997, Casabath launched Monolith, the first solid bathroom surface in Italy.
Manufactured by Casabath for over 16 years, monolith is used to make tops, washbasins, shower pans, bath tubs, and since 2011 furnishings as well. Monolith is a man-made material, composed of carefully-selected, mineral-rich polyacrylic resins (Aluminium Trihydrate) moulded through a polymeric process. The result is a superior material which is much better than slab materials; it is even textured: the colour and texture of Monolith is perfectly even, from the surface to the inside.
Monolith comes in 30 standard colours, over 180 RAL colours, in a mat or glossy finish, and in 15 colours in a granolithic finish. A unique feature you won’t find anywhere else.
Over 90 different models of washbasins are currently produced which include mounted versions, semi-recessed, suspended, free standing and tops with integrated washbasin, all in different sizes, plus different styles of bathtubs and a special shower pan that may be produced in any style or size.
Experimentation, endless research and, above all, a long experience are behind such an exclusive top-of-the-range product.

From the raw material to the end product

The production process begins with blending the ingredients according to our formulations. Then, Monolith is cast into the moulds, and the top or washbasin that comes out of them is therefore one single cast, so it does not have to be glued together as opposed to slab-made products which may eventually discolour or crack.
In our products, any welds that may be needed to produce very large tops are made of the same material as the top, of the same blend, so the colour and strength will be exactly the same, even after a long time. Then, the products are finished, and this is what makes all the difference compared to similar products.
Once it has set, the top or washbasin is ground by a NC workstation, then it goes through some machines that polish the flat parts with 4 sandpapers with 150 to 1200 grits.
At this point, the top is already perfectly gauged, its thickness has been ground down, and it can go on to be manually finished. This includes the inside of the washbasin plus a final polish through the same sequence of sandpapers up to 1500 grits, with the addition of water for the glossy finish.
Such long finishing process, which may take as long as 6 hours for a bath, is one of the reasons that makes our products immediately stand out, compared with competing products. Other qualities will be appreciated over time, a value, a substance that can be felt in the weight: a wall washbasin may weigh 20 to 30 kg, the Minimal bath can weigh over 200 kg.


An exclusive product to the top
of the class

All the time, we test samples of new materials, which we send to CATAS Research and Lab Test Centre to certify their quality. Monolith and Stonelith are even-textured throughout; their outer surface is no different from the inner finish, as opposed to the old Gelcoat products which have now been re-branded and revived.
Since this material is even-textured throughout, a top, bath, washbasin or shower pan that has been damaged by deep scratches or cracks can be repaired and given back its original appearance, even after many years.
Monolith and Stonelith products are low maintenance; you just have to dry up your top or washbasin to prevent water leaving lime scale, which however cannot attack Monolith or Stonelith. They can be cleaned daily with ordinary non-abrasive cleansing creams, while glossy or dark tops may need a little extra care.
Every piece is supplied with a cleaning and maintenance kit, depending on the finish and colour of the piece.
Having been the first to launch “solid-surface” tops and washbasins in Italy we can now claim to have many years of experience in the field and this rich knowledge allows us to enhance all the intrinsic and aesthetic qualities of the material.
This is the advantage of the pioneer, the first to walk a path others will follow in the tracks we have left behind.




Cure and maintenance



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