Cersaie: you can breathe a new energy, so the catalogue “Modern” is published in advance

A five-day event where you can experience sober elegance and attention to detail typical of Casabath.
Here the catalogue entirely dedicated to the collection “Modern” and its new finishing touches will be presented.
The colour spectrum extends and includes up to 54 nuances.
Catalogo Modern


S40 is the new collection made in solid oak.
Wild Wood
Wild: the original and wild finishing of wood. Knots represent the extra value of this material.
The collection Wall offers new materials: fronts in satin-finished glass painted in every colours and in MONOLITH, white and in light tones M2.

Relentless research into new products, new finishes and innovative bathroom solutions are the mainstays of Casabath's philosophy. This catalogue brings together all that was designed and developed in 2013.


One: the new bath in Monolith. Despite its compact frame, it is extremely spacious inside. Slightly rounded but sleek, it can fit a multitude of applications.


The One+ may be installed either freestanding or hung on a wall. The bath comes with a drain that can also be used as a filler and the overflow is hidden inside the bath.


The new 9925MO wall countertop has a wide inbuilt rectangular bowl. The plug is Monolith, in the same colour as the countertop for a single-material surface.


The inbuilt bowl inside the countertop is perfectly rounded. The tap may be installed on the countertop, not centred, or on the wall.


Flat is an edgeless shower pan made of Monolith. The slope to allow draining begins near the edges, so the shower pan looks perfectly flat and seamless.


In the Modern range, you will recognise the most contemporary minimalist design and some references to the traditional cabinet-making art, such as the staved finish and the 45-degree edges on the sides and drawers.


The new benchtops in Stonelith with pietra effect hide within themselves a high technological value and interpreting in a current trend the simplicity of the materials from the past.


A new way of looking at bathroom decoration. The option to ‘decorate’ a part of the walls in Monolith, near cabinets, creates a sort of functional square / island that can be matched with the wall, for unique contrasts and combinations.


The doors slide over each other, showing the elegance of the solid oak drawers that embellish this suite.


Light comes in new forms. 118L is available in painted aluminium, in all the colours of the range.


All our washbasins in one catalogue

The entire range of Monolith and Stonelith washbasins, tops and much more, now consultable in one theme catalogue.
Over 90 styles of bowls, semi-recessed, hanging and free-standing washbasins and washstands, in a wide range of sizes, our Minimal, Maui and Small baths, our Riva shower trays, all our current collections showcased in detailed and easy-to-consult pictures, to help you make your choice.
Our catalogue showcases all our current collections and will be updated once a year as new styles are added. One of the benefits of having the entire production process within our company is the fact that we have the chance to experiment, to test and to create at any time, with no constraints whatsoever.
Concrete-finish Stonelith

New trend-setting surfaces

Casabath’s exclusive concrete-finish Stonelith tops are the trailblazers of a completely new journey. They spur us to experiment with new creative solutions and set a new aesthetic benchmark in bathroom decoration.
The concrete-finish Stonelith tops are currently available in 4 standard colours.


Casabath in Frankfurt

In March, Casabath was at ISH 2013.
The Fair that takes place in Frankfurt is the most important showcase in the world for the bathroom and energy industries.
We have always been at the forefront for high-quality products and inspired by the values of Italian-made design and these are the factors that led us to take part in such an important Fair.
We were reassured that the journey that we have undertaken over the years is the right one by the many appreciative words of people who came to visit our booth.
On that occasion, we offered a preview of the new Modern scheme that will be available by next summer.
The invisible drain
The functional benefits of a unique solution
The new range of washbasins with channel drains is a unique alternative to the traditional drain trap.
In this solution, washbasins have a side channel through which water flows out into a Monolith water trap.
A space-saving trap, which is provided standard with every washbasin and takes up just 5 cm below it, is connected here, so there is no need for the shaped box which would otherwise be essential with the other traps.
All our deeply-recessed washbasins, including those with a traditional drain trap, are provided with a standard space-saving trap, so that you can use all the space in the drawer.
Wood 100%
A minimal design set off by the beauty of the wood
The raw material, design and experience make the Wood range come into its own, with the simplicity of the forms setting off the beauty of the wood.
The Wood 100% range is all oak wood. The frame, doors and drawers are made of three-layered criss-crossing panels to minimise any shift that may happen in the wood over time.
Years of experience have made us learn so much about this noble material, and it is this important expertise that has led us to make the most of its features.

Wood 100%


In the age of globalisation, the decision to manufacture all our products in house definitely bucks the trend. It is born of the need to provide top-quality products that are consistently inspected and guaranteed by the people who make them. “Made in Casabath” means that every single piece is made by the people who designed it, who saw the idea slowly take shape, who developed them with skills and a passion for their job.


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